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Fire safe cigarettes (FSC) are cigarettes that are designed to extinguish more quickly than standard cigarettes, if ignored, with the intention of preventing accidental fires. Traditional cigarettes now contain an additional chemical, required by state law. The purpose is safety from fire, but what about the smoker? Is it fair to add more potentially. Cigarettes sold in 21 states will be self-extinguishing after a strikingly high 15 states passed new laws this year to combat smoking-related blazes, the No. 1 cause of home-fire. What Are Fire-Safe Cigarettes? Fire safe cigarettes are the cigarettes which are self-extinguished when left unattended. Fire safe cigarattes are safe as they prevent fire. FSC Cigarettes are dangerous to smokers!!! (26715 signatures on petition). This site covers the fire safe cigarette issue, recommends complete safety, i.e., chemical safe cigarettes, forbidding any deleterious ingredient and adulteration. You want to know the ingredients in fire-safe cigarettes and whether any state has analyzed their health effects. SUMMARY. We were unable to find a source that identifies the. Skip Navigation. Note: This message is displayed if (1) your browser is not standards-compliant or (2) you have you disabled CSS. Read our Policies for more information. fire-safe cigarettes - Texas Department of Insurance.. Texas Department of Insurance - State Fire Marshal's Office · · Report Arson: 877-434-7345 The Citizens Against Fire Safe Cigarettes Blog exists to organize and report on the fight to repeal Fire Safe Cigarette Laws in the United States. States are passing their own laws that require the sale of self-extinguishing cigarettes. Web site for the Office of the State Fire Marshal. This site provides information, services and resources for: Aircraft rescue, marine, hazardous materials, and basic fire fighter. About 10 signatures already, let's keep it going. As more and more states implement this unheatlhy, ineffective law, more and more people are going to get sick. For information about current opportunities at Philip Morris USA, please visit our recruiting website. Smokers in 12 states including Florida will be lighting — and relighting — fire-safe cigarettes designed to go out when they're not puffed as the result of new laws that go. Missouri is the last state to adopt the fire safe cigarette law. These cigarettes go out if no one puffs on them. The Citizens Against Fire Safe Cigarettes Blog exists to organize and report on the fight to repeal Fire Safe Cigarette Laws in the United States. Latest Publication: Statistical Engineering Division Interlaboratory Study of Alternate Filter Papers for Use in ASTM E 2187. NEWS: NIST to offer Standard Reference cigarette for. Information on Cigarettes Fire Safe. Electronic Cigarettes are Fire Safe Electronic cigarettes have many benefits compared to tobacco cigarettes. Cigarette manufacturers knew more than 15 years ago how to make their products less of a fire hazard, internal industry papers reveal. Please check periodically for updates and additional information. Effective December 1, 2008 all cigarettes sold in Minnesota must be certified by the State Fire Marshal as meeting. In an effort to prevent fires caused by cigarettes, Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today signed Senate Bill 2302, sponsored by Sen. William Haine and Rep. Daniel Burke.

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