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Bomb Explodes right in her face! Make your own Exploding Cigarettes! I used one to prank my girlfriend!. Watch Video about Pranks,Jokes,Explosions by Cigarette Prank, just one of the many funny videos on Kontraband. Discontinued. A fake cigarette with explodes when pulled from the pack. Offer your pack around with this lethal fag sticking out just a little more than the rest and someone is bound. Watch Exploding Cigarette Prank, a video at That'll teach him not to smoke. Slide these cigarette loads into a cigarette, and when lit the cigarette explodes!. Getting revenge is so sweet, especially when a cigarette explodes in the persons mouth. Link to this page and get a link back!. Exploding Cigarette Bangs are a real blast!. Our Newsletters are jam packed with savings. Be the first to know about new products and promotion. Give your friend an exploding cigarette while he plays you the classics, and you have yourself a successful classic prank. Each donkey cigarette dispenser is a very funny addition to any room or house. do not buy any of our gags we hope you will get a chuckle out of the funny office pranks. This prank is an old one but a good one! Watch Streaming Videos Online, Funny Videos, Crazy & Comedy Video Clips!. New Exploding Bang Cigarette Prank Gag Practical Joke Insert this cigarette into a real pack! When someone asks for a cigarette, you offer the one that comes. Polls Created Mothers, clowns & pies in the face at circus:-)) (adult women only!!) 2010-06-02 06:25:39 Showing up in elegant clothes :-)) (adult girls/women only!!). Find 4 FAKE REALISTIC CIGARETTES Puff Cigs Prank Fags Joke in Clothes, Shoes Accessories, Fancy Dress , Unisex Fancy Dress category on SquareTrade © AP6.0. Snap Cigarette - Joke - Prank - Gag Gift Cigarette stinkers. place one of thse stinkers into a cigarette and when the victim smokes the fag, a horrible smell is released. Find 4 FAKE REALISTIC CIGARETTE Puff Cigs Prank Fags Joke in Clothes, Shoes Accessories, Fancy Dress , Unisex Fancy Dress category on Prank played on doctor demonstrating an autopsy. The person on the table is alive. Funny Cigarette Prank Extra Long Cigarette Holder 2.99. Fake Cigarette Burn Prank 1.99

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