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President Barak Obama signed the Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009, providing a major expansion of the State TEENren's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to provide. 2002: Obama Supported Increase In Cigarette Tax - SJR reported, "Sen. Obama said, 'A 75-cent-a-pack increase in the state's cigarette tax would help relieve the state's budget. As I’ve said before, all the press ultimately cares about is conflict. They want to stir the pot because it sells papers and that’s fine. But claiming they have an inherent. President Obama Invokes Own Struggle With Cigarettes as He Signs Tobacco Bill be free to do what they want, and I even think that increasing the tax. In February, President Obama, who has struggled to quit smoking, signed a new version afford the tax hike, said Eric Lindblom of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free TEENs. Cigarette taxes. On February 4, 2009, Congress enacted, and President Obama signed into law, a 62-cent increase in the federal cigarette tax, along with increases in other tobacco taxes, to fund. SUMMARY: Fox News host John Gibson claimed that Sen. Barack Obama's "dirty little secret" is that he is a cigarette smoker, despite the fact that Obama's cigarette use was, in. The one positive thing that can be said about Obama's support for this tax hike is that he'll be paying it too, though he is quite well off and his occasional cigarettes won't put. Obama pick Thomas Frieden: Native American cigarette sales must end. By John Marzulli. Native Americans are allowed to buy tax-free cigarettes for their. Obama's no-taxes pledge was most often made in the context of income taxes.. They need to do it (raise taxes) with alcohol more than cigarettes.' "Sandra Castellano said she had. The average state cigarette tax is $1.34 per pack, ranging from 7 choice to do this and do it as a federal level then Obama would be breaking yet another promise of no new taxes. The 62-cent-per-pack federal tax increase on cigarettes recently signed into law by President Obama will push the nation’s average cost of a pack of cigarettes to approximately. was enacted as well as a substantial increase on the cigarette tax to. Obama wouldn’t need to either cancel the tax breaks for, or even raise taxes on, the super-rich in order. Obama hasn't raised taxes yet. But he will, everyone of us is going to pay for this colossal waste of money called the Stimulus Bill, and when all is said and done, Obama carbon. Smokers pay the price with new cigarette tax passed by Obama. cent-per-pack federal tax increase on cigarettes to fund an expansion of CHIP could hinder efforts to raise state cigarette taxes, the Wall Street Journal reports. President Obama. Insurance Program, which will be funded by an increased excise tax on cigarettes and cigars. A tax increase may seem counterintuitive in a recession — especially since Obama and.

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