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The FTC's Report of the Nicotine, Tar and Carbon Monoxide contents of the smoke of 1206 brands of domestic cigarettes. A Chart showing Nicotine and Tar contents of 25 cigarette brands. Tar and Nicotine Content of Cigarette Brands. Cigarettes question: What are the measured tar and nicotine levels of each cigarette brand? 30tn. NICOTINE, TAR, AND CO CONTENT OF DOMESTIC CIGARETTES (Regular Brands, sorted by brand name and type) NIC TAR CO BRAND NAME TYPE. Here is a list of popular tobacco brands that produce "regular" and "light" cigarettes and other tobacco. Carbon monoxide, along with tar and nicotine, are just 3 of the roughly. NICOTINE, TAR, AND CO CONTENT OF DOMESTIC CIGARETTES (Regular Brands, sorted by nicotine, tar, and CO) NIC TAR CO BRAND NAME TYPE. tar and low nicotine brands. Many smokers of these brands think they are reducing their health risks from smoking. They believe they inhale less tar compared to regular cigarettes. Trade Commission rescinded its 1966 guidance regarding tar and nicotine yields our brands with adult cigarette smokers. We hope adult cigarette smokers will choose our brands. They're all just as harmful as each other, but as well as cigarettes having tar and nicotine in they all contain other 'harmful' chemicals. Each brand has a different 'harmful. Compensatory smoking behavior can significantly affect the amount of "tar," nicotine, and carbon monoxide a smoker gets from any cigarette -- smokers of cigarette brands with lower. Comparison of measured NH4 level and NO emission to declared tar and nicotine values of hundred cigarette brands: Other titles: Analyse van ammonium in tabak en stikstofoxide in. In 1967, the FTC began testing cigarettes for tar and nicotine yields, using a less tar and nicotine from lower-rated cigarettes than from higher-rated brands.” Use SmokeSmart to put ultra fine performations in your cigarettes. Reduce the tar and nicotine that ultra fine perforations in the filter or tip end of any brand of cigarette. FTC underestimates nicotine, tar in ``light'' cigarettes from a medium-yield brand to a low-yield brand would give them a 50% or more cut in nicotine and tar. intake per cigarette from brands averaging 0.91 mg from machine smoking). Conclusions: Smokers' tendency to regulate nicotine intake vitiates potential health gains from lower tar.

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